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Industry launches new Energy Switch Guarantee

Customers can switch energy supplier in the certainty the process will be quick, easy and hassle-free. The new Energy Switch Guarantee has been designed to allow more consumers to benefit from the deal which best suits them. It sets out ten commitments for the switching process to promote: confidence; understanding; and willingness to switch.

Signatories of the Guarantee currently represent around 70 per cent of the energy market, with more suppliers expected to follow. The Guarantee commits suppliers to working together to ensure customers are confident in switching. It also means that, on the rare occasions a switch goes wrong, companies will sort out any concerns quickly and smoothly.

Tina Tietjen, independent chair of the Energy Switch Guarantee said:

“Customers can have the confidence that, when they choose a new energy supplier, they can switch without any worry. The new Energy Switch Guarantee will ensure energy companies work together so customers can benefit from the many energy deals on offer.

The Guarantee is a major commitment by suppliers  from the largest to some of the newest suppliers in the market and it aims to reassure consumers who may have reservations about switching. It also means that, on the very rare occasion anything goes wrong, customers will have the assurance they need that the issue will be resolved by their supplier.

More and more companies are working to ensure they can meet the commitments of the Guarantee. It already covers around 70 per cent of the market and it has an ambition to reach over 90 per cent by October 2016. But it will not be enough to just sign up, companies have high standards to meet and maintain. I will be holding them to account in the interests of all customers.”


Customers contemplating switching supplier will be able to identify signatories to the Guarantee if they see this logo:

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