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Energy UK responds to the Chancellor's Spring Statement

In response to the Chancellor's Spring Statement, Energy UK’s chief executive, Emma Pinchbeck said:  

“We welcome the VAT cut on energy efficiency products and solar panels, which we’ve long called on for. Inefficient buildings like the ones we have in the UK mean higher bills and for those with oil or gas boilers, switching to heating technologies like heat pumps will reduce their costs and our overall gas imports.“

“However the further increase in gas prices following the invasion of Ukraine means that the projections for bills this autumn are truly alarming and, despite the expansion of the Household Support Fund, we think the Government will need to do more to help, particularly for vulnerable customers.”

“It was good to see measures like cutting business rates for green technologies installed on buildings, reducing VAT on turbines, early business rate relief for heat networks and support for research and development and capital investment - important for a sector that will be investing billions of pounds to help deliver Net Zero, which ultimately is the solution to this gas crisis. We hope the Energy Security Strategy will accelerate plans to reduce demand for gas and expand sources of clean energy – and crucially help more businesses and households access green technologies.”   

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