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Audrey Gallacher welcomes appointment as advisor to Citizens’ Assembly On Climate Change

Responding to the announcement of the Advisory Panel for the UK Citizens Assembly on Climate Change, Energy UK’s chief executive Audrey Gallacher said:

I’m delighted to be advising the UK’s first citizens’ assembly on climate change. As the energy industry, we’ve led the way in reducing the UK’s emissions by rapidly increasing the amount of power we generate from low carbon and renewable sources.

“While continuing to do that, the sector will also play a pivotal role in the rollout of electric vehicles and low carbon heating alternatives – areas which show how everybody’s daily lives will be affected by the transformation we have to undergo.

“It’s vital that we bring the public with us on this journey – which is why the Citizens Assembly will give all sections of the population a say on the decisions, choices and challenges we face in order to make this a fair transition to a net-zero future.”