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Come Together – Energy sector salutes NHS

The energy industry came together yesterday to say thanks to the NHS in a special film organised  by Energy UK, which showed workers from across the country joining in the now traditional Thursday applause for those on the front line of the fight against COVID-19.

34 companies – all involved in keeping the nation powered through the generation, distribution and supply of energy and related services – took part with their staff joining in the applause from a range of settings featuring power plants, control rooms, laboratories, call centres and offices; engineers out on the road; onshore – and offshore – windfarms; fuel distribution and delivery centres; as well as those working from home during the current lockdown.

Energy UK’s Director of External Affairs, Abbie Sampson said:

“After we’d had the idea of putting the film together, we were overwhelmed by the response from right across the industry.

“All these companies are playing their own role in keeping the energy system going at such an important time for the country and they jumped at the chance to express their thanks to the NHS – and showed great creativity in doing do.

“We thank them for these fantastic contributions but most importantly, all of us in the sector want to thank the NHS and we hope this was a good way of expressing our gratitude.”