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Energy UK comments on call for traditional prepayment customers to claim remaining energy vouchers

Supporting the call for customers with traditional prepayment vouchers to claim remaining energy support vouchers, Energy UK’s chief executive Emma Pinchbeck, said:  

“In the face of record prices, the Government’s Energy Bill Support Scheme has helped to reduce everyone’s energy bills and suppliers worked incredibly quickly to implement the scheme in time. Delivery rates have been high and the latest Government figures show that redemption rates are already close to existing schemes like the Warm Homes Discount and state benefits. However that still means there are customers in need of this money who haven’t yet claimed.

“Energy companies have put huge amounts of time and resource into trying to reach these customers and make it as easy as possible for them to claim, including visiting homes, reminding prepayment customers whenever they get in contact for whatever reason and implementing new ways for people to get in touch. They’re also using data-led approaches to issue regular reminders through multiple channels – including postcards in case people are avoiding opening their mail.

“It’s really important that traditional prepayment customers who haven’t yet claimed their vouchers, check their mail and the expiry dates on any vouchers they have. The most recent batch will expire at the end of June, so there is still time and people should make use of the range of contact methods available, including web forms, to get in touch if they have any problems.*

“Anyone with a credit meter – or with a smart prepayment meter – will have had the discount applied automatically, so there is no need for them to worry about claiming vouchers.”

*Details on how traditional prepayment customers can contact their supplier about the vouchers can be found here: