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Energy UK comments on Ofgem’s decarbonisation action plan

Commenting on the publication of Ofgem’s decarbonisation action plan, Audrey Gallacher, Energy UK’s interim chief executive, said:

“It’s welcome to see Ofgem’s decarbonisation action plan – if we’re to meet our target it is critical to have a regulatory regime that supports decarbonisation and is not seen as a hindrance.

“Our industry is committed to delivering net zero by 2050 and has been world-leading in reducing emissions but we now need to go further and faster and ensure that other sectors like transport and heat follow suit. Our sector will play a pivotal role in the rollout of electric vehicles and low carbon heating alternatives – areas which also show how consumers’ habits and lives will change.

“The plan rightly recognises the importance of delivering net zero and the need to protect vulnerable customers. While much of what Ofgem is proposing is encouraging, the devil is in the detail and it will now be crucial that Government, the industry and the regulator work together to deliver the actions in practice.”