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Energy UK comments on Ofgem’s RIIO-2 Draft Determinations

Commenting to Ofgem’s RIIO-2 Draft Determinations, an Energy UK spokesperson said:

“Networks have a critical role to play in the transition towards a low carbon, digital, flexible and more diverse energy system, something which we have recently reiterated in our report “Rebuilding the UK economy”published jointly with PwC. 

“It’s right that Ofgem’s proposals focus on Net Zero and enabling networks to contribute further towards this target – from upgrading our ageing network to investing in innovative and much needed technology like hydrogen production and Carbon Capture Usage & Storage (CCUS).  The funding towards raising awareness of the dangers of carbon monoxide – as we do through our own Carbon Monoxide – Be Alarmed! campaign – and the commitment to tackle fuel poverty are also welcome.

“Delivering Net Zero at the lowest cost to consumers will be a defining challenge over the coming years and effective price controls, with all the complex and technical considerations involved in that, will play a vital role.”