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Energy UK comments on the Climate Change Committee Progress Report to UK Parliament 2021

Commenting on the Climate Change Committee Progress Report Energy UK’s Chief Executive, Emma Pinchbeck, said:

“As the CCC’s report notes, the energy sector has led the way in reducing carbon emissions and has a crucial role to play in helping the country reach Net Zero. It’s two years since the Government put the Net Zero target into law, and whilst the long term ambition is brilliant, we urgently need to crack on with emissions reduction now”
“We agree with this report’s findings that we need detailed policies and strategies that will allow us to mobilise the investment needed in new infrastructure, technologies and behaviour change. The more we delay these policies and strategies, the harder the task becomes. 

“If we get the right policies and strategies the industry is confident we can deliver – we’ve gone much faster than any thought possible on things like renewable. But change takes time – hitting 78% emissions reduction by 2035 means taking action on policy and regulation today. In the year that the UK hosts COP26, the Government needs to show leadership at home as well as internationally, and throw everything at the next decade. They could start with a Net Zero test across the whole economy, and ensuring our legislation dating back to 2013 is updated through a new Energy Bill.”