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Energy UK comments on the Scottish Government’s ‘Lets do Net Zero’ campaign

Commenting on the launch of the Lets do Net Zero climate campaign from the Scottish Government, our Chief Executive, Emma Pinchbeck, said:

“Net Zero is going to involve big changes to our daily lives and we can only reach the target with the support of the public. We know there’s a growing desire to help tackle climate change among the population but understandably a less complete understanding of exactly what this will involve. That’s why public awareness campaigns like Let’s do Net Zero are vital – as we stressed in our recent Scottish election manifesto – in explaining both the why and the how of Net Zero and importantly the benefits it can bring to our environment, our economy and our health.  

“Last year’s Climate Assembly showed that the public can quickly understand the challenges and the choices that lie ahead if we all take the time to explain them. The energy sector will be playing a crucial role in helping deliver Net Zero and of course, in the year that the UK hosts COP26, there can be no better time to bring everyone together in this collective effort.”