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Energy UK comments on the Scottish Government’s updated Climate Change Plan

In response to the Scottish Government’s updated Climate Change Plan, Emma Pinchbeck, Energy UK’s chief executive said:

“Today’s updated Climate Change Plan published by the Scottish Government is without doubt ambitious and sets the country on a pathway to a transition to net zero while driving a Green Recovery.

“The launch of a £180 million Emerging Energy Technologies Fund that will support hydrogen and CCUS is good news along with the Scottish Government’s commitment to ensure that companies invest in technologies, including hydro and tidal, and solutions which will not only transform the electricity system, but also deliver sustainable security of supply.

“It is also positive to see the consultation of a Public Engagement Strategy, and a focus on supporting customers and industry in delivering low carbon heat and transport, as consumers will need to be part of the journey, ensure the transition is fair and the most vulnerable customers benefit first.

“The Scottish Government’s plans for a Green Recovery and to reach net zero by 2045 which will be delivered in partnership with the Scottish energy sector and the emphasis on the importance of a cross-sectoral coordination to achieve the target are both welcome. The coordination between the Scottish and UK Governments and industry is crucial to take these plans from ambition to reality. We look forward to working with the Scottish Government to help them deliver the ambitious plan and show our global leadership as the UK hosts COP26 in Glasgow next year.”