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Energy UK responds to Carbon Brief emissions fall analysis

Responding to Carbon Brief’s latest analysis showing the fall in the UK’s carbon emissions over the past decade, Energy UK’s interim chief executive Audrey Gallacher said:

That the UK’s carbon emissions have fallen by almost a third over the last decade, to the lowest level since 1888, shows how quickly the energy sector has been moving to low carbon generation – and as this analysis shows, importantly this transition has been partnered by economic growth.

“But with less than 30 years before the Net Zero target, the transformation actually needs to go further and faster than this – not just in power generation but in others areas like heating and transport as well as energy efficiency, which this research shows has made the major contribution to reducing emissions since 2010.

“That’s why the forthcoming Budget and White Paper need to show widespread ambition and action across these areas and unleash much more of the innovation and investment that has delivered these results over the last decade.”

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