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Energy UK responds to Citizens Advice’s report on the retail market

Responding to Citizens Advice’s report on the energy retail market, Audrey Gallacher, Energy UK’s Deputy Chief Executive and Director of Policy said:

“Citizens Advice’s report paints a worrying picture about the regulation of the energy sector that we recognise and are concerned about

Once gas prices have stabilised, Government and Ofgem must turn their attention to working with the industry to enable a resilient and sustainable retail market in future – one where suppliers are not just able to stay in business but can invest and innovate in order to support their customers through the changes Net Zero will involve.”              

But the immediate priority is to ensure that there is enough support for customers over the winter and into next year when we know bills will increase.  We therefore fully support Citizens Advice’s recommendation that the Government and Ofgem need to act to help minimise the impact of additional costs on households, in particular the recovery of claims to the SoLR levy being spread over a longer period of time.”