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Energy UK responds to ‘Decarbonising heat in homes’ report

Responding to the report by BEIS Select Committee on ‘Decarbonising heat in homes’, Energy UK’s chief executive, Emma Pinchbeck said:

“We welcome this report and its recommendations, including the need for a clear roadmap to be set out for heat this year. Heating our homes generates equivalent emissions to those produced by petrol and diesel cars and so just as we have a clear timeframe for delivering real progress in transport, we need the same clarity for heat. As the report stresses, significant gaps remain between the UK’s targets and policy frameworks for low carbon heat.

The energy sector is eager to deliver for consumers so industry and the Government need to continue to work closely together in order to engage consumers on how the transition will impact them and what options they have to lower their heating emissions. Protecting fuel poor and vulnerable consumers throughout the transition is absolutely critical, and alongside the work of industry, government support for these consumers will be needed.”