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Energy UK responds to General Election result

Responding to the General Election result, Energy UK’s chief executive, Emma Pinchbeck said:

“We welcome the new Labour Government and our sector looks forward to working together to help deliver on their clean energy ambitions.

“Energy powers our economy and touches every home and business and its impact on all of these – and all of us – has never been clearer than in recent years. By embracing the challenge of transforming our economy and improving our daily lives through clean, homegrown power and new technologies, this impact can be one that brings more growth, jobs, skills, investment and prosperity to all parts of the UK.

“While the results – both for the new Government and overall – demonstrate support for ambitious action on clean energy and climate change, the hard work starts now to deliver on this huge opportunity to bring in changes that benefit our economy and our environment and help create a brighter and fairer future for everyone.”