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Energy UK responds to Ofgem’s Price Cap announcement

Responding to this morning’s price cap announcement by Ofgem, Energy UK’s Deputy Chief Executive, Dhara Vyas said:

“The fall in the price cap from July will be welcome news for customers who have had to face record energy bills over the last year amidst a steep rise in the cost of living and for whom the Government’s bill support has been crucial in preventing even bigger difficulties. However, bills remain much higher than they were 18 months ago and many customers will continue to struggle, especially following the removal of some of that support.

“If – as the current projections indicate – annual bills of £2,000+ become the new normal, it underlines the importance and urgency of the energy industry, Ofgem, Government and consumer groups working together to put in place targeted support for those most in need next winter. We also need to press ahead with expanding our own sources of domestic, clean power and making more of our homes energy efficient as these will help bring down energy costs permanently for all customers.”