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Energy UK responds to Government’s plan to remove ban on onshore wind

In response to this evening’s news that Government is potentially relaxing regulations on new onshore wind projects, Energy UK’s Deputy Director for Investment, Adam Berman said:

“We strongly welcome the government’s intention to overturn the effective ban of onshore wind in England. Onshore wind is cheap, clean, and one of the quickest generation technologies to build. The solution to an energy crisis caused by global prices out of our control is through producing more electricity on our shores. Onshore wind is a crucial part of that mix alongside other low carbon technologies like offshore wind, solar, and nuclear. Polls consistently show that onshore wind is hugely popular with local communities. We urge the government to build on that support, and put in place a regulatory framework that ensures onshore wind projects vital to our energy security are not held back by regressive and outdated prohibitions.  We look forward to seeing further details shortly.”