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Energy UK responds to the announcement of a forthcoming Energy Security Bill in the Queen’s Speech

Responding to the announcement of a forthcoming Energy Security Bill in the Queen’s Speech, Energy UK’s Director of Advocacy, Dhara Vyas, said:

“It’s really good news to see the inclusion of an Energy Security Bill in the Queen’s Speech, as we have been calling for. It’s vital to have the legislation and frameworks in place that will enable delivery of the ambitious targets set out in the Prime Minister’s Ten Point Plan and Energy Security Strategy.
“We can help customers by reducing the dependence on expensive fossil fuels that is leading to record energy bills right now through expanding sources of domestic clean power and supporting the development of low carbon technologies like Carbon Capture Usage and Storage and Hydrogen on the production side, as well as those in the home like heat pumps – which will also boost our economy, create new jobs and help us reach our climate change targets.
“It’s welcome to see the proposals for greater consumer protection for customers of heat networks and the focus on transmission and connections, which will be essential for supporting the planned expansion of low carbon generation and storage.
“We look forward to working through the detail, as the energy industry is ready to deliver an affordable, clean power system that will benefit consumers and the UK economy.”