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Energy UK responds to the CCC’s Progress Report 2020

Commenting on the Committee on Climate Change’s Progress Report 2020, Energy UK’s interim CEO Audrey Gallacher said:

“This report underlines the crucial role the energy sector will play in a green economic recovery following the pandemic – not just in increasing still further the power we generate from low carbon sources but in enabling the decarbonisation of transport and heating as well as developing new technologies. As our own report highlighted this week, bold measures like a national energy efficiency programme to upgrade our housing stock can be the stimulus our economy needs, creating thousands of new jobs while also reducing emissions and cutting bills for customers.

“The need to kickstart our recovery, along with our net zero ambitions, means we have an unprecedented opportunity to set out our future path to tackle both challenges. As the CCC notes, transforming an entire economy will require full commitment and action from right across every Government department and the Devolved Governments. The energy sector already invests £14 billion a year and is ready to work closely with Government to help power our economic recovery and meet our net zero target.”

NOTE: Rebuilding the UK economy: Fairer, cleaner, more resilient