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Energy UK responds to the Chancellor’s Summer Statement

Responding to the Chancellor’s Summer Statement, Energy UK’s chief executive Emma Pinchbeck said:

“It was good to hear the Chancellor confirm the Government’s commitment to a Green Recovery and our sector is ready to work in partnership with the Government to deliver that.

“We’ve long banged the drum for the importance of energy efficiency measures in cutting bills for households and reducing emissions and, as a speech firmly focused on employment stressed, upgrading our draughty homes and businesses will also create hundreds of thousands of skilled new jobs right across the country.

“A Green Recovery centred round the net-zero target can spread opportunities, investment and growth across the country but we need to vastly increase our ambition and the activity to deliver it.  We hope that the forthcoming Budget, White Paper and National Infrastructure Plan will provide further momentum so we can go further and faster in decarbonising our economy.”