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Energy UK responds to the Chancellor’s green light for onshore wind projects

Responding to the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s first speech around planning and economic growth, Energy UK’s Chief Executive Emma Pinchbeck, said:

It’s excellent to see the new Government prioritise planning reforms as a key enabler for economic growth and enhancing our energy security. Unblocking the planning system, removing the de-facto ban to double onshore wind and ensuring adequate resourcing for planning authorities are crucial steps the industry has long been calling for, and a cross-sector view of infrastructure requirements will be essential for the supply chain and skills development.

The Chancellor has recognised the urgency of these decisions to meet our energy security and clean energy targets. The de-facto ban has significantly reduced the pipeline for onshore wind it will take time for this to recover. However, analysis shows that the quicker we build clean energy infrastructure in the UK, the more private sector investment we can unlock, freeing up the public purse, with huge benefits to the economy.

“The Government’s commitment to delivering on its manifesto promises is fostering the stable and healthy business environment we’ve been advocating for, creating certainty and clarity for business. We welcome the swift prioritisation of these changes and look forward to working through the detail with both Government and our members who represent the full breadth of the industry.