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Energy UK responds to the Government’s announcement on the Boiler Upgrade Scheme

Responding to Government announcement on the Boiler Upgrade Scheme and Clean Heat Market Mechanism, Energy UK’s Deputy Director, Charles Wood said:
“Today the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero has published statements regarding the impact of an increased grant level for the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) and the introduction of a Clean Heat Market Mechanism (CHHM). Following the Prime Minister’s announcement of an uplift in the BUS grant, which Energy UK welcomed, the scheme has seen a 60% increase in applications, showing the level of interest from consumers who wish to reduce their emissions.
“The Clean Heat Market Mechanism is another welcome change, providing certainty for consumers, the energy sector, and UK supply chains as we continue to scale up the low carbon heating market. The scheme will be introduced in 2024 and will establish a carbon credits approach to support the manufacture of heat pumps in the UK. Alongside the Zero Emissions Mandate, the CHMM is expected to increase the availability of low carbon technologies and help to establish UK manufacturing in these rapidly developing sectors.
“Today marks a defining moment in the transition to Net Zero, with a clear direction of travel established for heat, increasing consumer confidence and investor certainty in the UK. The Clean Heat Market Mechanism is a critical measure to ensure efficiencies of scale are delivered at pace in the heat pump market, and that manufacturers transition to be fit for the future.
“The increase in applications for the BUS reflects the fact that demand for low carbon technologies is growing at pace, and that supportive measures from the Government can have a real impact on improving consumer choice.  It is now vital that the Prime Minister deliver on his commitment to coordinated engagement with consumers about the options available in decarbonisation of heat and transport demand, to ensure all consumers can choose how and when they transition.”