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Energy UK responds to the IPPC’s sixth assessment report

Responding to the IPCC’s AR6 report released today, Energy UK’s Deputy Director, Adam Berman said:

Today’s IPCC report is a stark reminder of what’s at stake in the UK’s transition to Net Zero. As the effects of climate change are increasingly felt around the world, the UK has a critical role to play in leading by example in economy-wide decarbonisation. Building on our successful rollout of low-carbon technologies such as offshore wind, the UK has incredible potential to create a truly low-carbon energy system that can bring down emissions and consumer bills.

But as the IPCC report notes, the world has to go further and faster, in efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. For the UK, this will mean substantially improving on the delivery of our low carbon targets, which have been called into question by the deterioration of the investment climate for clean energy projects over recent months. A combination of rising costs and increased international competition are putting at risk the UK’s ability to secure the investment needed for projects will enable us to reach Net Zero.

The IPCC’s report has sent the UK a powerful signal about the dangers of resting on our clean energy laurels. We strongly urge the Government to take the IPCC’s message to heart, and put in place policies that will deliver the clean energy projects that will reduce the damaging effects of global heating both nationally and globally.