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Energy UK responds to the Second National Infrastructure Assessment

Responding to the Second National Infrastructure Assessment published today by the National Infrastructure Commission, Naomi Baker, Senior Policy Manager at Energy UK said:

“Infrastructure is central to the strategic challenges facing the UK. The Commission provides clear, practical recommendations for converting ambition into on-the-ground delivery.

“Energy UK echoes the call for ‘pace rather than perfection’. Inaction has a cost, as we saw last winter with impact of the gas crisis on our leaky housing stock.

“The UK has made major changes to infrastructure before — from building the electricity ‘supergrid’ in the 1950s to constructing the strategic road network in the 1960s and 70s. The more recent revolution in offshore wind was unimaginable just 20 years ago.

“By following the Commission’s clarion call to accelerate decision making and provide long term clarity to investors, we can transform the energy sector to benefit people and businesses, decarbonise our power and boost our economy.“