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Energy UK statement on the House of Lords Industry and Regulators Report on UK Regulators

Energy UK has today welcomed the publication of a report and recommendations from the House of Lords Select Committee on Industry and Regulators. The report includes sensible recommendations to enable the UK’s regulatory bodies to keep pace with the transition happening across the energy system. It is critical to the delivery of Net Zero and the associated economic growth that the ongoing work of the Department for Business and Trade to reform regulation delivers a step-change in the way utility infrastructure is coordinated, planned, and delivered.

With ongoing work to resolve the backlog in network connections, changing the way we invest in energy infrastructure and send signals to private investors in low carbon technologies will enable the energy sector to deliver the private investment required to meet changing energy demand while continuing with the progress made to date in carbon reductions.

Energy UK’s Deputy Director of Policy, Charles Wood, stated:

“This report is reflective of the core challenges facing utility regulation in the UK, and we hope that the Government reflects the report’s findings in its ongoing work to deliver smarter regulation for the UK. It is critical that energy policy be supported by a Strategy and Policy Statement that enables the regulator and the future system operator to focus on long-term certainty and market confidence, while continuing to deliver for consumers, on security of supply, and on the continuation of the UK’s global leadership on decarbonisation.

We will continue to work with the Government, with the regulatory bodies, and with industry to ensure an effective approach to regulation delivers investment, growth, and the best possible outcomes for consumers. The Committee’s continued focus is a welcome addition to the debate and we hope that the committee and its members continue to work with industry to hold the Government and all regulators to account for delivery as this work continues.”