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Energy UK supports the reintroduction of the Demand Flexibility Service

Responding to the reintroduction of National Grid ESO’s Demand Flexibility Service, Naomi Baker, Senior Policy Manager at Energy UK, said:

Energy UK welcomes back National Grid ESO’s Demand Flexibility Service (DFS) to support system margins this winter. Last year 1.6 million households and businesses with smart meters participated, shifting demand and saving over 3,300MWh of electricity (enough to power ~10 million homes across GB).

“DFS was the first time that domestic flexibility has been used to balance a national grid anywhere in the world. This year, we expect volumes to triple as changes make it easier to roll out to households and increase access for non-domestic customers.

Last year, Energy UK and its members worked with National Grid ESO to develop the service in just five months. DFS was driven by need, as international gas prices impact bills, but highlights the innovative nature of our sector and the potential impact of ‘learning by doing’ as a viable route for delivering change at pace.

Read Energy UK’s Demand Flexibility Service explainer.