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Energy UK welcomes funding for low carbon transport

Welcoming today’s Government announcement on funding for developing low carbon transport, Energy UK’s interim chief executive, Audrey Gallacher said:

“We welcome the Government’s support for further developing low carbon transport such as electric vehicles (EVs). Low carbon transport, and the way we power it, will play a crucial role if we are to reach Net Zero.

“Our sector’s transformation – to a point where over half of our power now comes from low carbon sources – has helped reduce the UK’s emissions to a level last seen in 1888.

“However, with transport now the highest source of emissions in the UK, it is vital that we accelerate the rollout of electric vehicles (EVs) to enable the removal of sales of diesel and petrol vehicles by 2035 at the latest.

“By providing the clean electricity that will power EVs, our sector will play a crucial role in supporting the decarbonisation of transport and our members are already pushing forward the rollout by delivering innovative tariffs and charging options to make the transition a positive experience for customers.”