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National Grid ESO makes a critical step toward delivery of a Net Zero system that works for all consumers

In response to the National Grid ESO’s publication “Beyond 2030”, Energy UK’s Chief Executive, Emma Pinchbeck stated:

“The proposals set out by the ESO capture the necessary level of ambition to get the UK on track for economic growth, job creation, and a more cost-efficient energy system which best uses new technologies and manages demand from today’s customers. 

“Everyone in energy is working at an accelerated pace to ensure the lowest cost electricity generation is connected to new and existing types of demand across the country, and that this is done in the fairest way possible to all customers. 

“It is critical that the plan considers local needs, and that industry and Government minimise the amount and impact of energy infrastructure, but we also know that the future energy system will vastly improve the way we power our homes and businesses in this country. 

“This plan is part of a wider programme of work from Government, industry, the regulator, and the ESO to make sure that the needs of the country, the needs of communities, and the needs of customers are considered together, and fairly – for example, the Government will need to streamline the planning process and begin engaging with communities.