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Switching figures take a summer dip

Over 452,000 customers moved to a new supplier in July, Energy UK’s latest electricity switching figures have shown.

This represents a 13% decrease in the numbers compared to July last year but a slight increase on the five-year monthly average of 449,000.

So far this year a total of 3.4 million customers have changed supplier, a 1% decrease compared to the equivalent period in 2021.

Emma Pinchbeck, Energy UK’s chief executive, said:

“Despite a fall in the numbers compared to July 2020, we’re still seeing the best part of half a million customers switching each month. And while the monthly figures are more volatile than in the past, the overall numbers are nearly keeping track with last year.      

“Although higher wholesale costs are affecting fixed term deals, it’s still worth taking a few minutes to see if you can save money – either by talking to your own supplier or looking at what’s on offer in the rest of the market.  And if you choose to move to a supplier signed up to the Energy Switch Guarantee, you can be assured that the process will be simple, speedy and safe.”   

Notes to editors:

  • To see the latest monthly switching stats, please visit Energy UK’s website.
  • From December 2020, larger suppliers in the market are British Gas, Bulb, EDF Energy, E.ON (including npower), Octopus Energy, OVO (including domestic business of SSE) and Scottish Power. This is based on Ofgem’s revised definition of classifying all suppliers with a market share of 5% or above in either fuel as larger.
  • Gemserv Limited is the service company contracted by the MRA Service Company (MRASCo) to provide services in support of the MRA including the management of its governance and providing specialised expertise to MRASCo in support of the growing electricity retail market.
  • The data referenced in these reports is for electricity only. These figures include both domestic (Profile Classes 1 and 2) and non-domestic customers (Profile Classes 3-8 and 0) but do not include customers transferred to another supplier as a result of the Supplier of Last Resort process (SOLR). Also, any switches between merged parties are considered as internal and are not counted in our switching statistics.
  • These figures do not include internal electricity switching. Such statistics can be found on the Ofgem website.
  • The Energy Switch Guarantee (ESG) is a set of 10 commitments – launched by Energy UK in 2016 – that makes switching simple, speedy and safe. The Guarantee covers nearly 80% of the retail energy market. Find out more on the ESG website.