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Utilita joins Energy UK’s Vulnerability Commitment 

Utilita has signed up to Energy UK’s Vulnerability Commitment – joining 12 other energy suppliers in pledging to continually improve the way they identify and support vulnerable customers. 

Launched in 2020 by Energy UK, the Vulnerability Commitment is a voluntary industry initiative aimed to drive up supplier standards – over and above the existing obligations – based on three key principles of accessibility, innovation and collaboration. 

With the addition of Utilita, suppliers signed up to the Vulnerability Commitment now cover over 90% of UK homes. During a prolonged period of high energy bills, it’s been more important than ever that customers can easily access necessary support from their supplier. 

Under the Commitment, companies also learn from each other and share best practice to better support those most in need. Last year, Energy UK published its third edition of its Vulnerability Commitment Good Practice report showing how energy suppliers have used innovation and data to help support customers in vulnerable circumstances. 

Louise Walsh, Chief Customer Contact Officer at Utilita, said: 

“We are deeply committed to supporting our customers and have provided £160m in financial assistance to help them through the cost-of-living crisis. 

“Promoting the power of energy efficiency long before others followed suit, Utilita has also helped millions of households make their energy spend go further through initiatives such as High5 and Shop Smart, Cook Savvy. 

“But our focus is prevention, rather than cure. As the UK supplier with proportionately more smart-enabled households, we use our data to introduce measures and support to enable a healthier, and more sustainable relationship with energy affordability.  

“Our most recent research with the University of Oxford revealed, for the first time, the actual size of the fuel poverty gap in monetary terms.  

“Joining Energy UK’s Vulnerability Commitment, which we are delighted to be a signatory of, will allow us to share our innovative approach with industry stakeholders.” 

Steve Crabb, Chair of the Vulnerability Commitment, said: 

“I’m delighted that Utilita have signed up to the Energy UK Vulnerability Commitment. I know they’ve been doing really interesting and important work on using data to identify customers who need extra help, and I’m looking forward to seeing how they can help drive innovation and collaboration across the industry.  

“Crucially, this takes us even closer to our goal of getting 100% of British households under the protection of the commitment. This winter has been the toughest yet for many energy customers – we’d like to see every household in Britain benefit from the protection of the Energy UK Vulnerability Commitment.”