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Supporting customers

Energy Switch Guarantee

Energy Switch Guarantee

Why does the Energy Switch Guarantee (ESG) exist?

Today, it’s more important than ever before to make sure that the energy tariff you have chosen is the right one for you. Whether you’re looking for a different deal or seeking a better standard of customer service, the Energy Switch Guarantee lets you switch with absolute confidence. It’s worth remembering that you don’t always have to switch suppliers to switch your tariff and to get a different deal that works for you.

The Guarantee aims to continually drive higher standards around switching tariffs, pushing the energy sector to go above and beyond what they are required to do by regulation, and to put consumers at the heart of what they do.

What is the Energy Switch Guarantee?

With the Energy Switch Guarantee, checking that the tariff you are on is right for you, or choosing a new tariff, is Simple, Speedy and Safe. Our members strive to ensure that customers across Britain know which tariff is right for them, and to help them move to something different if that would be best.

By signing up to the Guarantee, suppliers commit to deliver to series of standards and targets:

  • Customers can switch to a new tariff within 5 working days.  Whether you are changing supplier, or simply changing your tariff with your existing supplier, you could be paying new rates and be on a new tariff within a week.  If that’s what you want.
  • The whole transfer between tariffs or suppliers will be handled by the supplier of the tariff you are moving to. There is nothing for you to do: your supplier will be in touch if they need any more information from you.
  • In the unlikely event of any problem occurring, you have the reassurance that the supplier of your new tariff will work to resolve any issue swiftly and efficiently.
  • If you change your mind within 14 days, you simply remain with your existing provider or on your existing tariff.
  • Any credit that may be due will be refunded within 14 days of your final bill.

Who does the Guarantee apply to?

The Guarantee applies to any domestic household in Britain switching tariff or supplier that involves any of the companies that have signed up.

All of our members sign up voluntarily, making a commitment to drive up their standards and comply with both the letter and spirit of the Guarantee. Not all suppliers are members of the Energy Switch Guarantee.

Why sign up to the Energy Switch Guarantee?

All licensed electricity and gas energy providers who meet the compliance requirements of the Guarantee are eligible to apply to become signatories. If you would like to enquire about joining, please email

What our Signatories say about the Guarantee

EDF Energy is committed to providing fast and reliable switching to customers. Being a member of the Energy Switch Guarantee enables us to work with others in the industry to remove barriers to switching and improve customer satisfaction, helping deliver on the switch guarantee promise to offer safe, speedy and reliable switching.

EDF Energy

At Octopus Energy, we’ve been enthusiastic signatories of the Energy Switch Guarantee for the past number of years. We believe it’s crucial to give consumers faith in the switching process and set important expectations for the service delivered when they change suppliers. In the future, we foresee the Energy Switch Guarantee to be fundamental in driving even higher standards.

Octopus Energy

Quarterly Reporting

Each quarter, Energy Switch Guarantee members are required to submit detailed proof of how they meet set criteria to show they are compliant with the standards of the Guarantee.

We use four ‘Key Performance Indicators’ to measure how our members are performing:

  • The percentage of all valid switches between suppliers that are completed within 5 working days. We expect our members to achieve at least 98%
  • The percentage of final bills that are issued within the 6 weeks after a customer leaving a supplier. We expect our members to achieve at least 90%
  • The percentage of credit refunds issued within the 10 working days of a final statement being produced. We expect our members to achieve at least 90%
  • The percentage of all valid switches to a new tariff without changing supplier that are completed within 5 working days. We expect our members to achieve at least 98%

Below is the overall performance of ESG members in 2022 – 2023

Switching to a new tariff with a new supplierFinal BillsCredit RefundsSwitching to a new tariff with your current supplier
Overall signatory performance – October – December 202296.9%93%86%99.7%  
Overall signatory performance – January – March 202396.0%97.1%95.3%99.9%
Overall signatory performance – April – June 202399.1%97.2%97.5%99.9%

Panel Hearings

Every year, our Expert Panel holds a hearing with suppliers where we explore in detail how they are complying with specific areas covered by the Guarantee.

In 2022, the Expert Panel consisted of the Chair of the Guarantee, Matt Cole, Head of Fuel Bank Foundation, representatives from the UK’s consumer advocacy groups, and Energy UK.

Areas of particular focus for the panel were how signatories:

  • Ensure that the key features of all of their tariffs are clear and simple to understand and compare; and
  • Ensure that monthly payments cover forecast usage, avoiding the build-up of excess credit or debt.

As a result of these hearings, the ESG has produced a Best Practice Paper, highlighting areas where signatories go beyond what is expected of them and suggesting improvements that the industry could make to drive up standards across the sector.

Media Enquiries

All enquiries should be directed to our Media Team by emailing