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Prepayment meters

Prepayment meters are a method of paying for energy whereby customers put credit on their account before using energy rather than receiving bills for their usage. This allows customers to manage their energy use and finances more closely than waiting for quarterly or monthly bills.

Smart Prepayment Change of Supplier Principles

Energy UK worked with industry to develop smart prepayment change of supplier principles to provide improved safeguards for smart meter prepayment customers switching supplier.

By signing up to the principles Suppliers take responsibility to provide information and support to ensure that customers who have a smart meter in prepayment mode feel empowered throughout the switching process.  

With most small, medium and large UK energy suppliers having signed up to the principles, their customers will benefit from the improved processes.  Suppliers that have signed the principles, agree to implement them as they roll out smart prepayment.

The following energy suppliers are signatories to the smart prepayment switching principles are: British Gas, Utilita, Boost, Npower, Scottish Power, SSE, EDF Energy, Utility Warehouse, Green Star Energy, Extra Energy, Bristol Energy, Toto Energy.

How prepayment meters help to avoid disconnection

Many customers choose to pay for their energy via a prepayment meter (PPM), often because it helps with budgeting. PPMs are also used to help avoid disconnections. Suppliers will not install a PPM unless it is safe and practical to do so.

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