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Switching hits end of year high

New switching numbers show that around a million customers sought out energy deals in November and December last year. This compares to 3.5 million switches for the whole of 2013.

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Statement on the costs of energy

"This year the energy industry will be providing much more and clearer explanations to improve the information for customers. Currently too many numbers are being used in a confused manner and we are calling on others to take part in this project.

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Energy UK statement on complaints about energy companies

"Most customers have no problems with their energy company but, in an industry serving millions of homes, on the occasions when things can go wrong. Energy companies take customer service very seriously and usually it just takes a simple call, and no longer than a day or two, to get things fixed.

"No one wants to see complaints rise but companies use the information to improve the service they provide. Anyone with a problem needs to contact their supplier first and at Energy UK we are making it easier for customers to find out just what do do. All they need do if follow our simple guide at"

Energy UK comments on EU Air Quality package

Commenting on the EU Commission's new policy package on Air Quality announced today, Energy UK said:

"Air quality across Europe will continue to improve as a result of proposals revealed today to require member countries to take a joined up approach to cutting emissions. Energy UK said the energy industry would play its part by reducing emissions in a programme already set out up to 2020 and that it was sensible to set new targets for national emissions that were in line with other environmental aspirations out to 2030.    

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Energy UK comments on EU proposal for revised State aid guidelines

Commenting on the EU Commission's consultation on draft rules for state support in energy and environmental field, Energy UK said:

 "Energy companies need to have a stable and predictable regulatory framework if they are to invest in new power stations. That is why Energy UK  welcomes the proposals on State Aid Guidelines for energy and environment which the European Commission has put out for consultation today.

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Energy UK response to announcement on energy costs

In response to today's announcement on energy costs, Energy UK said:

"This is a good outcome for consumers. The changes will bring a welcome set of reductions to the policy costs which are a significant part of the household bill, have been rising and were set to rise further. Costs are spread in a fairer manner and household bills are reduced.

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Energy UK statement on costs and levies

In response to the government's costs and levies announcement Energy UK said:

"It is welcome news that some costs will be moved into general government spending which will spread the cost of more evenly so less well off households, and those whose homes need energy efficiency measures, will still get the help they need. But, as ever, the devil is in the detail and we look forward to seeing more in the Autumn Statement. In the meantime, energy companies continue to help poorer customers meet the cost of their bills and to work to make homes warmer.

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Energy UK's response to Ofgem's report on profitability

Ofgem have today published a report on the 'profits’ of companies in 2012.  They published a similar report on the companies’ 2011 profits.
Energy UK said:

“Ofgem's report sets out the earnings before tax paid for supply side and for generation. The figures do not take into account the costs of the huge investment the energy companies are making, the interest or the tax they are paying. These are not net profit figures.

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Energy UK’s response to the Consumer Futures’ Energy Companies Complaints League Table

In response to Consumer Futures’ Energy Companies Complaints League Table, Energy UK said:

“The vast majority of energy customers are happy with the service they get with only around one in every fourteen hundred customers likely to need to contact their supplier about a problem.  Most complaints only need a phone call to sort out – around four out of five queries are resolved by the end of the next working day - but, if the problem cannot be resolved, the energy ombudsman is there to ensure problems get fixed.

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Energy UK response to the opposition's Energy Green Paper

Following the release of the opposition's Energy Green Paper, Powering Britain, Energy UK said:

“Powering Britain means increased competition, attracting international investment, rebuilding trust and a better deal for customers. Energy UK and its members are up for change but it has to honest and real.

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