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Capacity Market auction and the future energy mix

With the conclusion of the third Capacity Market auction, the recent announcement of a second Contracts for Difference allocation round and the promise of two more within this Parliament it is clear the Electricity Market Reform package is achieving a degree of maturity. Aiming to stimulate investment in the future energy mix of the UK, the reforms have been focused on delivering the intended generation mix at the lowest cost possible. 

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Clean energy for Europe

The European Commission has published its long-awaited “Clean Energy Package”, consisting of a raft of legislation on energy efficiency, renewables and electricity market design. The objective is to put the EU on track to meet the 2030 energy and climate targets, notably in renewables and energy efficiency, and to adapt electricity market design to the “greening” of the power system. The 2030 targets will be enforced through a set of governance rules, whereby Members States have to report periodically on progress and EU action is taken if Members States collectively fall short. In general the Commission has stuck to the targets agreed by Heads of Government in 2014, with the notable exception that it proposes raising the 2030 energy efficiency target from 27 percent to 30 percent and making it binding.

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What does the future of energy look like?

“Never stop learning”

That was the advice given by Jo Coleman, Director Strategy Development at the Energy Technologies Institute, to an audience of over 100 Young Energy Professionals about the attitude to adopt to be innovative. In the context of the event’s theme, ‘Future Energy Landscapes’, it was a very relevant comment indeed: there are so many new things to learn within our industry right now. When it comes to thinking about its future, there are no easy answers. We heard about an array of ideas, trend and technologies which could all (together) pave the way to a low-carbon energy future.

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