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Maintaining confidence in uncertain times

As the options for the UK’s enduring relationship with the European Union are considered there will be a period of policy uncertainty and investor caution. This applies to many industries, not just electricity generation. 

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Bumper EU Energy Package expected

The Commission’s Winter Package on energy, expected to be published on 30 November, now looks likely to be even more comprehensive.  DG Energy has apparently decided the updated Energy Efficiency and Energy Performance in Buildings Directives will now form part of the Package, rather than being released in October. The Commission appears likely to push for an increase in the energy efficiency target from 27 percent to 30 percent (calculated as efficiency improvement to 2030 against a 2013 baseline).  The Package will also include proposals on electricity market design, an augmented role for the EU Regulatory Agency (ACER), energy governance and renewables, and there will be a report on energy prices and costs across the EU-28.

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Remembering Martin Alder

Martin Alder died suddenly, at his home in Gloucestershire on 10 October 2016. Diagnosed with cancer of the pancreas in 2015, he had undergone major surgery and post-operative treatment and was remarkably positive – in fact, almost his usual self when I saw him in June this year. He had a setback during the summer and in his last email to me in September, having described his latest health problems in a matter-of-fact style, soon switched to his feelings about the state of the England football team. We enjoyed a curry and a football match together from time to time and his thoughts on football were always perceptive.

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Improved standards for prepayment customers

In 2011 Energy UK and Citizen’s Advice (then Consumer Focus) developed five key prepayment principles to raise standards of service for customers paying for their energy using a prepayment meter. The original principles were designed to improve the identification of any customer vulnerability and the quality of communication with prepayment customers.

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Industry taking steps to build consumer confidence

Inevitably, when we head toward winter, people pay more attention to energy issues. Central heating is turned on, people become aware of the extra energy used and the need for good value. Of course, for many it becomes a time of anxiety and difficult choices. It also brings a greater degree of scrutiny of the energy industry. 

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