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Industry taking steps to build consumer confidence

Inevitably, when we head toward winter, people pay more attention to energy issues. Central heating is turned on, people become aware of the extra energy used and the need for good value. Of course, for many it becomes a time of anxiety and difficult choices. It also brings a greater degree of scrutiny of the energy industry. 

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Safety Net for vulnerable customers

Energy suppliers never want to see any of their customers having their energy supply cut-off, particularly those customers who may find themselves in vulnerable circumstances. It was in this spirit in 2004 that the Energy Retail Association (now part of Energy UK) established the Safety Net for vulnerable consumers. At its core the Safety Net is a pledge by the larger six suppliers to never knowingly disconnect a vulnerable customer.

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New energy beginnings

The Chinese proverb of living in interesting times has been used and abused over recent months. To cast your mind back to the world before 23 June - precisely one month ago - gets harder each day. 

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People power to switch

The Energy Switch Guarantee launched last week, and whilst it has been a long time coming for me, I think it represents a fairly sudden development in consumer engagement in the industry. The Guarantee contains ten commitments which are designed to empower consumers by de-mystifying the process of switching energy supplier and outlining what they can expect from their energy supplier during the switch.

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Gas Generation in an uncertain world

The future of large scale gas generation is much talked about from an electricity perspective. Will the capacity market deliver investment in such plant? Can returns be made at lower load factors? Do gas plant have a long term future or are they just a bridge to other providers of back up for intermittent renewables? Can ancillary services contracts boost income? 

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