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Pathways to the future

Here in the UK, we rely on electricity to flow at the flick of a switch. So, it’s easy to overlook and underestimate the complexity of the market that allows it to happen. In order for the electricity sector to operate effectively, it is important industry and government work together putting in place long-term policy that meets the needs of today and supports the innovation needed to deliver the electricity for tomorrow.

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Energy is getting smarter

The summer of 2016 is set to mark the beginning of one of the biggest transformations in the British energy sector with the commencement of the mass roll-out of smart meters. The programme is currently at its foundation stage with over one million meters installed out of a total of 53 million devices. Customers’ feedback on the roll-out has been overwhelmingly positive with 84% recommending smart meters to others, 79% recognising the changes they have made to their energy consumption following an installation and 75% understanding their bills more comprehensively than they did previously.

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DECC proposals for Ofgem: a bit flash?

Drivers don’t like speed cameras. When a new one pops up without warning in a 30mph zone, on a long straight road with very few houses, it feels like they’re out to get you. But if you asked drivers if they would like to see the policing of these restrictions removed, most would recognise the danger this could create. Drivers want speed cameras, because they want to drive on safe roads.

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2016’s events programme is off to a flying start

Energy UK’s 2016 events programme is already underway with a Parliamentary drop-in for the CO Be Alarmed! campaign on Wednesday 27 January.  We will use the session to raise awareness of the campaign among MPs and help them promote the messages in their constituencies.  

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The turning of the year is a fine time for new beginnings, as the recently departed David Bowie knew well. In December 2015, close to 340,000 customers began a relationship with a new electricity supplier, shopping around for better deals and saving money to help cover the cost of Christmas extravagance. Whether these Changes will Set the World on Fire, provide suppliers with Dollar Days and consumers with Golden Years of Heat remains to be seen – perhaps the happiness will last Five Years or Slip Away by Valentine’s Day.

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