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Communicating energy in the changing world

With just one month to go, the general election is fast approaching. Over the past five years, there has been a significant change to communications practice. People are no longer relying on newspapers and the 10pm news to find out what is happening in the world. It is now instant, with bloggers gaining the same credibility as news channels and newspapers. 

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Making Smart Meters accessible for all

The benefits of smart metering are well-established; greater control over consumption, improved efficiencies and reductions in consumer bills. It’s precisely for these reasons that British energy retailers have committed to offer every single household in Great Britain a smart metering system despite the challenges this commitment brings.

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Ofgem policy interpretation and advice

Through our daily conversations, meetings and industry working groups, we get to hear the views of consumer groups and government, and of course many suppliers of all sizes. You wouldn’t be surprised to hear that it can be tough reaching consensus across this lot on some issues. But one subject we all seem to agree on is that it is in the interest of everyone that suppliers are able to get a full picture of what our regulator Ofgem is asking for. To make this happen, we’ve asked Ofgem to dedicate resource to providing policy interpretation and advice to energy suppliers.

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EU energy and climate strategy for the next years revealed

On 25 February, the European Commission published the long-awaited package on the Energy Union. Indeed, after the new European Commission took over on 1 November 2014 and with not one but two EU Commissioners in charge of the EU energy and climate policy- the questions of “who does what?” as well as what exactly the “Energy Union” means were far from being clear.

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Smart, connected homes

One of the greatest opportunities provided by the smart metering roll-out is the combination of technologies and devices which together create the connected home. The Internet of Things and other similar campaigns have generated interest in this area and we’re now seeing  devices in the homes of every-day customers, not just technology enthusiasts.

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