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Publications / Energy Matters

Energy Matters

Energy Matters: People, power, prosperity.

A proposal for partnership to unlock investment, transform the economy and deliver change.

As we emerge from an energy crisis that has touched every home and business in the country, there is a clear recognition that energy matters. Affordable energy matters. Clean, secure, homegrown power that brings down bills and emissions matters. Winning the global race for clean energy and reaping the benefits of jobs and investments matters. But we need to act urgently and fix the system.

Our country is creaking; delays over decades, lost investment in vital infrastructure and outdated planning rules have ultimately held us hostage to volatile international energy prices. We see a future where a prosperous United Kingdom is powered by clean, innovative technology, delivered by resilient and modern systems and no-one is left behind.

There is a big task ahead, the sooner we start – the better.  

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