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The Future of Energy

A low carbon energy system that customers see as fair and which delivers excellent service, choice and value for money to all homes and businesses.

The energy sector is not only embracing change, but leading it.

Every one of us depends on energy, and each day we rightly expect it to be there to bring warmth, light and help us in myriad ways to live and work. Yet behind the switches we flick every day, a quiet revolution is happening. The energy sector is transforming to a future system that will be unrecognisable from what we know today.

From decarbonising our electricity supply to embracing new data technologies, and from enhancing customer relationships to offering a wider range of heat and transport solutions, we see exciting ways to deliver our services at the lowest cost while enhancing the customer experience.

This report explores five areas of the energy transition in detail, each with a report section that can be read as a standalone document available below. A full report will be available to download soon.

Read our Press Release.

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