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Training & Events


Energy UK’s CPD accredited training courses cover a range of topics for those new to industry as well as those working in industry wanting broaden their knowledge within the energy sector. The one-day online sessions are delivered by industry experts and are run regularly throughout the year with discounted prices for students and member companies.

We can also organise bespoke courses for your organisation when onboarding new employees or helping people switch roles.

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Upcoming training courses

Our training courses

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Introduction to GB Energy Markets

Energy UK’s ‘Introduction to the GB Energy Market’ training course provides an overview of how the market operates in Great Britain which is essential for such a complex and fast-moving sector. The training course will provide attendees with background on the development of the market, an overview of current electricity and gas markets, key changes to policy/regulatory reforms, political challenges, and the big challenges facing the sector in the future.

This training course is aimed at:
  • Those starting a career in the energy industry;
  • Those working in the energy industry who want to further their knowledge of gas and electricity markets; and
  • People working for companies that support those in the energy industry
The objectives are for attendees to:
  • Understand the basics of electricity and gas markets
  • Understand how energy is supplied and what’s happening with network charging
  • Develop knowledge of the key components of an energy bill
  • Recognise the key policies to achieve balance in the trilemma
  • Understand the wholesale market
  • Build knowledge of the UK generation portfolio and developments
  • Look ahead to key challenges facing the industry
  • Explore future developments in the market
Energy UK Website Icons Power Market white trusted voice

Understanding the GB Power Market

Energy UK, in collaboration with LCP Delta, deliver this training course that focuses on financing power stations, generating electricity and trading across markets. This training will provide attendees with a detailed understanding of the main power markets (Wholesale Market, Balancing Mechanism, Ancillary Services, Capacity Market and Contracts for Difference), a breakdown of power asset costs and revenue (Capex, Opex and O&M), network charging, and building the business case for a new asset.

This training course is aimed at:
  • Those joining the energy industry as an experienced hire
  • Those with a good working knowledge in the energy industry who want further their knowledge of electricity markets
  • People who have already attended Energy UK’s ‘Introduction to GB Energy Markets’ training course
The objectives are for attendees to:
  • Understand how power is generated and traded. Both areas have seen – and continue to see – significant changes as the GB electricity supply decarbonises, and key trends are explored throughout the course. This covers all key electricity markets:
    • Wholesale Market
    • Balancing Mechanism
    • Ancillary Services
  • Another focus is on recent policy interventions to encourage investment decisions which achieve decarbonisation targets, including:
    • Contracts for Differences (CfDs)
    • Capacity Market (CM) to maintain security of electricity supply
  • Gain knowledge of UK generation portfolio and how decarbonisation changes the markets
  • Exploring future developments in the market, such as Dispatchable Power Agreements (DPAs)
  • Understand the challenges facing transmission and distribution networks and how network charges are applied to power assets
  • How forecasts are used to build the business case for different types of generation asset
Energy UK Website Icons Energy Trading WHITE SMART

Energy Trading

This one-day intermediate training course will provide an overview of the way electricity, gas and carbon are traded in GB and across borders to/from neighbouring markets, with a particular focus on the way that these have changed following the UK’s departure from the EU’s internal energy market.

This training course is aimed at:
  • Those who have some prior understanding of the concepts of energy trading and likely work in a policy or regulatory environment
  • Those who want to understand more about future arrangements following Brexit.
The objectives are for attendees to:
  • Gain an overview of Brexit and future energy relationship
  • Gain insight into GB energy trading and emissions trading
  • Have a focus on cross-border electricity and gas trading and the impact of Brexit
  • Have an increased understanding of the post-EU Exit energy trading in practice
  • Look into the possible evolution of cross border energy trading