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Energy UK responds to figures on supplier support

Responding to the Government’s publication of figures on supplier support, Energy UK’s chief executive, Emma Pinchbeck said:   

Suppliers want their customers to get all the support available to help them pay their bills – the industry called for bill support at the start of the gas crisis and has moved quickly to help deliver the various Government backed schemes, with over 99% of households receiving support. 

“In the case of vouchers for customers with traditional prepayment meters, suppliers are making repeated efforts both to ensure these are delivered – using the channels and contact details available to them – and to also encourage customers to then redeem these. There may be different reasons why some customers will have received their vouchers but not redeemed them yet so the industry has been working with partner outlets like Paypoint and Post Office, as well as consumer groups like Citizens Advice, to raise awareness.

“Suppliers are using the full range of communication channels to try and reach customers, including phone calls and home visits, reissuing vouchers when required and also taking on board feedback from the scheme to improve their effectiveness still further.  Customers with traditional prepayment meters are advised to ensure their contact details are up to date and to check regularly for any communication from their supplier. Anyone worried about missing their vouchers or struggling to pay their bills should get in touch with their energy supplier.

“The Government knows from the billions of pounds of benefits that go unclaimed every year that it can unfortunately be hard to get assistance to those who need it most, but we remain fully committed to ensuring vouchers are delivered and redeemed and to make the support schemes work as successfully as possible.  

“As well as working to reach any remaining households with support, we are calling on Government to recognise the continued cost of living in the Spring Statement and maintain schemes to keep bills down at current levels until at least the summer.”