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Energy UK responds to the Climate Change Committee’s 2022 Progress Report to Parliament

Responding to the Climate Change Committee’s 2022 Progress Report to Parliament, Energy UK’s Director of Advocacy, Dhara Vyas said: 

The Climate Change Committee’s latest progress report serves as a sharp reminder that the Government’s ambitious Net Zero target must be backed by policy and action to deliver. Taking action to reach Net Zero emissions will help reduce the impact of the cost-of-living crisis – a crisis that has been fuelled by record high gas prices and concerns about energy security due to the war in Ukraine. 

It’s essential that the Government acts to radically improve energy efficiency, decarbonise heat and continue to decarbonise transport. This has to be accompanied by well planned, coordinated public engagement to help and support people with the changes that are coming. These changes require a stable regulatory and policy landscape that encourages investment in low carbon generation and unlocks innovation from energy retailers. To deliver this, the Government must ensure its plans for energy market reform do not risk future investment in the UK.