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Energy UK responds to the National Audit Office’s Smart Meter progress report 

Responding to the National Audit Office progress report on smart meters, Daisy Cross, Head of Future Retail Markets, commented:    

“The report shows how far industry has come in addressing many of the issues previously impacting the smart rollout – in addition to tackling other unforeseen challenges like the pandemic and the cost-of-living crisis.  

“The NAO rightly highlights the long-term benefits to customers from the rollout – by enabling a flexible, cheaper, cleaner and more efficient energy system. We’ve also seen smart customers benefit this winter by being able to take part in the Demand Flexibility Service and save money. However to maximise these benefits we need all customers to have a smart meter and for the Government to get fully behind this message. 

“We also fully agree that further transparency on the costs and benefits of the rollout is needed. As the energy industry, we want to work together on what will drive the rollout to completion and for the Government to set up a clear pathway for the future smart meter programme in Great Britain. 

“Suppliers will continue to work to deliver the programme, ensuring as many homes and businesses as possible can benefit from smart meters while ensuring the rollout is carried out safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively”.