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Energy UK responds to the findings of the Climate Assembly

Responding to the findings of the Climate Assembly, Energy UK’s Deputy Chief Executive and advisor to the Assembly, Audrey Gallacher said:

“It’s great to see the Assembly’s strong belief that reaching the Net Zero target is not only vital but achievable – and in way that can deliver widespread benefits for the UK. There’s a very clear message that our economic recovery from COVID-19 must be a Green one.

“As an advisor to the Assembly, I’ve been really impressed with the members’ dedication and understanding of the issues involved. As the energy sector we’ve led the way in reducing emissions but we have much much further to go – not just in increasing further clean sources of power but in creating a low carbon future right across our economy.

“A transformation of this scale will affect everyone’s daily lives and we can only do this with the support of the public. So this report will not only help shape some of the immediate policy decisions but also set an example for ensuring that we keep people closely involved and informed with the choices that lie ahead.”