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Voices of Tomorrow: Shaping the future energy industry

In the rapidly evolving energy sector, young professionals are leading the charge towards a sustainable future. Young Energy Professionals (YEPs) are the generation that will ensure Net Zero becomes a reality, and their voices are crucial in shaping how this transformation unfolds. That’s why the YEP Forum is excited to launch the Future Energy Leaders Survey 2024. 

Young Energy Professionals have a unique perspective on the industry which can help steer the sector towards a brighter future. This survey will be a deep dive into the journey of young professionals in energy. It’s designed to uncover what brings people into the sector, how they develop their skills, and what keeps them engaged – or makes them consider leaving. We’re especially interested in understanding what drew people to the field. Was it the promise of working on cutting-edge technologies, or the chance to contribute to combating climate change? Understanding these motivations helps us make the energy sector more appealing and accessible to new talent. 

However, attraction is just the beginning. Once people join, we want to know about growth and development opportunities available. How satisfied are YEPs with their training and career development opportunities? Are there good mentors and access to the right resources? With up to 725,000 new workers needed to reach Net Zero. The industry could face a huge skills gap if this isn’t addressed, which in time will present a real business and energy security risk. 

Retention is also key. How has their experience of the sector matched expectations?  What changes would make their experience better – more growth opportunities, better work-life balance, or chances to work on innovative projects? These insights can highlight areas for improvement to ensure the energy sector is a place where talented individuals want to build their careers long-term. 

By participating in the Future Energy Leaders Survey 2024, individuals are offered a space to share their thoughts and an opportunity to help shape the future of the energy sector. The information we gather will be compiled into a report which will be shared across the industry to ensure that our sector continues to attract and retain the passionate, innovative people who will lead us to a Net Zero future. 

The YEPs are the future energy leaders of tomorrow and will be responsible for making sure the UK delivers Net Zero by 2050. Their work will define how the energy landscape looks for decades to come.  

Taking part in this survey is an opportunity to share opinions and highlight what’s working well and what needs to change. It’s about making sure the energy sector continues to be a dynamic, fulfilling place to work, where every professional feels valued and empowered to make a significant impact. 

So, if you’ve got less than 10 years experience in the energy sector, please take a few moments to fill in the survey and shape the future of energy. If you’ve got more than 10 years experience in the sector, you can still get involved by sharing the survey with your networks and colleagues.   

For any questions or additional information, don’t hesitate to reach out to